A small group journey toward reimagining church *based on the founder’s intent.


Build* is a small group journey for those ready to learn more about 21st Century Church or considering joining our launch team on an adventure to lay a foundation for a church built based on the founder’s intent. What have you known of the Church? Set it to the side; don’t let it go; we’re asking you to journey with us as we start a fresh blueprint of what it was, what it is, and what it will be *based on the founders intent.


  1. Discovery: Discover how your story becomes a part of our story
  2. Reimagine: Reimagine the 21st Century church *based on the founders intent
  3. RallyCry: Our point of passion  
  4. Build: Get a glimpse of what we’re building and how you may have a part in it




Date Oct 18, 
6:00-9:00 PM

Date Oct 19, 
10:00-3:00 PM




Pleasant Ridge

Cincinnati, OH 45213

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