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Church + Network + Movement

Church + Network + Movement

We’re on a mission to reimagine the 21st Century Church based on the founders (Jesus) intent.  We’ve been captured with the vision to see the church as a societal movement in community so we build the local church with an imagination for a societal movement. Have we arrived yet? No. Not even close, we stay close to the heart of our heavenly father. As He directs us, we move. Our strategy is simple, we pray and we obey.

Conferences & events

Championing the cause of the local church

Love & Unity Project

Real Talk About Race five-week E-course Serious 

The protests following the killing of George Floyd and others have made race the central conversation in America. While you long for your church or organization to reflect God’s vision for a loving, unified and diverse family, you may be unsure where to begin. In this five-week academy, you’ll participate in an honest conversation about race and learn how your congregation can face the divides in our country with love and unity.

Songwriting conference

We believe that every church should be writing their own songs!

We are bringing in experienced writers, worship leaders, and industry experts to help coach you, encourage you, and inspire you to bring your best, most creative work forward, in service of the community God has called you to serve.

Pastors OlaDele & Oneya Okuwobi

Founding elders of 21st Century Church

We never wanted to start a church; as a matter of fact, we thought people who started churches were certified crazy. Our only desire and passion was to love the Lord our God and serve all people well.  We wanted to see  people being encouraged and  freed to fulfill their purpose and calling. We believe in people – we believe in their potential and also in their incredible ability for them to actualize. 


The sound of our worship


We resource the the body of Christ with  songs of  worship. Cross Worship Music is a collaboration of worship leaders based in Cincinnati, OH. Our heart is to reconcile the body of Christ across denominational and racial divides and to worship united as one.

Conferences & Events

Building the Kingdom of God by equipping people 

Absurd Conference Online

Absurd exist to see a reconciled world thriving in a celebration of Kingdom Diversity

21st Century Church 

Our Blog

Stories, thoughts and articles about what
Jesus is doing in our world, and how we work that
through the local church.

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21st Century Church


We can’t predict the future but we can create it; After all, what exist now was created by someone and if we push, just a little, we can carve out a space to manifest all that’s in our imagination. 21st Century Media gives insight to what’s in our imagination.

21st Century Church


Strategically placed within the life of our local church in  Cincinnati, Ohio. 21st Century  Residency allows you to apply the skills you will learn in a practical ministry setting so that you can build the Kingdom of God wherever he sends you. 

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Bellwether Academy Preschool 

As the desire to create Love & Unity™ in our culture increases grown ups desire to educate their students in a diverse learning environment without sacrificing quality.  Bellwether Academy’s CARE™ model —  Christ-Centered, Accessible for All, Racially Reconciling, Excellent Education — allows us to bring a much-needed dynamic mix.

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Love & Unity Project  

21st Century Church has partnered with the The love & Unity Project helps churches and organizations combat personal and systematic bias.

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