Discovery Bible Reading

Freedom to explore 

Discovery Bible Reading (DBR) is an opportunity for people to discover first-hand what the Bible says about God and people, and what it means to follow Jesus. If you’re curious to read the bible or you’ve read it before and want the words to come alive again this group may be for you.

When in discovery mode, there are no leaders or students. One person facilitates discussion, but not from a position or authority. DBR relies on the bible & Holy Spirit, rather than a leader.

We read together, ask questions, and wrestle with writing in the bible. Perhaps, the most defining feature of DBR, is participants are asked, “If this passage is true, how does it change your view of God? Yourself? Other people?”

We’d love to meet you.


Every Sunday morning (except the first Sunday of the month)
10:30-11:30 AM


Redtree Art Gallery and Coffee Shop

3210 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45209

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