The Residency at 21st Century Church

The leadership residency is a multifaceted leader development initiative focused on helping people take their next step towards all God has for them. The leadership residency is both an apprenticeship and incubator that allows people to discover the true meaning of leadership and train to prepare for works of service. The leadership residency is a 12-month commitment that will push each person to their spiritual, physical, and emotional limits, for it is there that we see true transformation. “For no one can journey further than they have trained for.” We’ve structured the residency learnings around a reimagined ecclesiology for the 21st Century Church leadership that encompass leadership principles for mature teams and Ephesians 4 leadership ethics meant for church, business, and relationships. 

Residency Training Modules

  1. Discovering you: Discover your leadership potential and gift. 

  2. Wholeness & healing: Unlock and discover unhealthy family and relational patterns and beliefs that can hinder your ability to lead and capacity for growth. 

  3. Reorientation to authentic leadership: Defining, understanding, and equipping to recognize the difference between authentic leadership from manipulation, control, and intimidation masquerading as authentic leadership through influence and power over.

  4. Leading you: Discover the necessary rhythms and disciplines to lead yourself well to lead well in the spaces you are called to. 

  5. Virtues of true leadership: Learn essential virtues that will help establish a culture conducive to high-functioning mature teams.

Residency Cost & Time Investment

  1. Leadership residents can expect to invest an estimated three to six hours per week.
    • The residency will require an estimated two hours weekly meet-up of all residents and trainers. 
    • The residency will require an estimated two hours a week of home coursework.
    • The residency will include a monthly one-hour personal training session. 
  2. Residency cost is still being determined. 

Residency Start Date 

  1. Application for the Residency should be submitted between November 1 and December 7, 2022. 
  2. Residency starts Monday, January 9, 2023

Residency options

Embedded Residency:  This option requires the resident to train and learn at 21st Century Church Cincinnati.   The resident will learn the “nuts and bolts” of leading a mature church. The embedded residency also provides practical experience within the ministry departments at 21st Century Church and with partner ministries. The embedded residency program is nine months. 

Distance Residency:  This option allows the resident to remain in their chosen location while participating in a weekly virtual Church Planter Residency Cohort.  Distance residents must attend two (week-long) onsite requirements during the nine-month residency at 21st Century Church Cincinnati.

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