The Residency at 21st Century Church

The Residency is both apprenticeship and an incubator. It allows people who sense a call to vocational ministry receive training & mentorship in every step of the way of planting, leading, or serving in a church build after the founder’s intent.

Residency options

Embedded Residency:  This option requires the resident to train and learn at 21st Century Church Cincinnati.   The resident will learn the “nuts and bolts” of leading a mature church. The embedded residency also provides practical experience within the ministry departments at 21st Century Church and with partner ministries. Embedded residency program is nine months. 

Distance Residency:  This option allows the resident to remain in the location of their choosing while participating in a weekly virtual Church Planter Residency Cohort.  Distance residents will learn the “nuts and bolts” of 21st Century Church planting while developing the strategies/plans required planting a healthy church.  Distance residents will be required to attend two (week-long) onsite requirements during the nine-month residency period at 21st Century Church Cincinnati.

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