Run your race to win

by Michael Oluwatosin OKUWOBIpublished on March 9, 2021

“Any race you run in, especially for your faith journey… the secret to winning is first deciding, ‘i’m going to run this race and I’m going to run it with everything I’ve got.”

Dele Okuwobi

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It's easy to find safety in a "just me and God" or even "just me and a few friends" mindsets. What would richness in relationships look like if we leaned into the "more" of relationships with the people God has placed in our path?

Ashley Edelen
When we think about injustice, it involves the oppressed and the oppressor; interestingly enough, both people are loved by God and created with glory and honor. How do we both confront the indignity of injustice while preserving the dignity that God created in the human being that we're confronting? In this week's devotional, Pastoral resident Ashley Edelen helps us understand the depths of dignity. Offering dignity to the oppressor and preserving the oppressed's dignity is hard to hear and live out. (Don't miss this week's word study on Friday; it will give you great insight into the depth and completeness of the Hebrew word righteous).
pastor dele Okuwobi
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