The Word Saturate means to permeate until no more can be received, to soak thoroughly. Spiritually, to saturate is to “soak” in God to the point of saturation – as complete as we can be. Take a moment and think about that, to “soak” in God to the point where you are soaked thoroughly. 

In this sermon, the speaker highlights how the spiritual community often has to take moments to saturate. In his sermon, the speaker teaches that saturation is not just a good idea but is necessary for the 21st-century believer. The culture we live in is antithetical to the culture of the Kingdom of God, the values of Christ, and the nature of Christ. So we must occasionally limit our exposure to things not consistent with the culture of the Kingdom of God so that we can soak in the presence of the King.

Speaker: OlaDele Okuwobi